Keeping up with Kaya, vlog 135

Here we are with the first video of this week. I was planning on releasing a video about feminism, but I guess my camera didn’t agree with me. I found out that my video got cut of which ended up in missing an entire clip, oops! But I fixed it with a nice vlog about my daily life. I thought it would be fun like old times, to put out a video like this. After all, the old school vlogs are the main reason I got into Youtube. I loved watching people from all over the world and seeing how they live.

keeping up with kayaPIN IT!

When I found out about Youtube I was eighteen years old and I was so excited to post my first vlog, haha! It was in English and I think I still have it somewhere. Mmm, maybe I should do a reaction video in the future!? For now I’m leaving you with a more modern vlog in HD. I’m bringing you to work, I’m showing you my dinner, my new shoes and I talk you through my day. I really hope you enjoy this vlog as much as I enjoyed making it. I realized I miss talking and sharing my life like this.

Off you go, time to watch the vlog!


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