Blue striped blouse outfit

I knew this blouse was going to be awesome when I first saw it on the H&M website. It reminds of the Fresh prince of bel-air era, when people wore oversized blouses with bold prints. This blue striped blouse serves this vibe on a platter, but you can still style it chic or casual if you like. I decided to go for a mix between the two for this outfit. Since the weather is getting a little better here, I thought it would be fun to create a light and airy look. The light blue shades in this blouse match this vision perfectly.

The blue striped blouse is quite short, but it has extra fabric in the front so you can tie it up. Which is part of its charm and I love it! I decided to wear a white string body underneath it and leave a few buttons undone. I added a silver necklace with the letter K which my sister gifted to me for my birthday. I decided to wear silver earrings to match the look and the cool tones of the blue stripes. Since this blouse is a bit cropped, I thought it would be best to wear a figure hugging high waisted pair of jeans.

I added the high heeled sandals because I really wanted all the focus on the blouse. I’m not quite sure about the bag though, it’s not quite what I had in mind. I think it would’ve been cooler with a wooden or wicker bag. I always love those type of bags with outfits like this one. All and all, this is definitely an outfit I will wear again in the near future. It would also be perfect with a pair of overknee boots. But I’ve yet to find the perfect pair. So definitely let me know if you know where to get good a good pair!

Would you wear this blue striped blouse like this too?


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