Vlog #130: Getting rid of fat and feelings

Here I am with another vlog. This one really is all over the place, but that’s how my life sometime is. After being sick a few times, I’m finally getting it all back together. Though life really is testing me, or so it feels like. There are a lot of things and people coming my way and I’m doing my best to deal with it all. I’m not complaining by the way, I am actually very happy that my life keeps evolving as you can see in this new vlog. Because I’m getting rid of fat and feelings!

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Fat and feelings are often attached to each other. A lot of people gain a lot of weight during stressful periods and it makes them feel even worse. I have learned how to cope with that a little better and now I don’t eat out of stress that often anymore. So yes, I don’t really gain weight anymore, whoohoo! I do have to take better care of myself, meaning I should rest more so my body gets healthier. That’s also a good reason to get rid of fat and feelings.

Are you with me?


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  • Vanessa

    Ik kijk graag naar je vlogs en artikelen.
    Lastig als je gezondheid je soms terug roept, ik weet het..!
    Zelf beperk ik ook mijn koolhydraatinname.
    Beterschap en ga zo door, wordt gewaardeerd!