Capsule wardrobe tips for beginners

I published my first capsule wardrobe video a few weeks ago. I loved making that video and I learned a lot about capsule wardrobes. I want to share what I learned today by giving you my best capsule wardrobe tips for beginners. Since I’m a beg[...]
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The red top and the black skirt

Sometimes you just walk into a shop and see exactly what you’ve been looking for. That’s what happened when I walked into the Costes store last week. In the store window there was the red top I’m wearing in these outfit pictures. I saw it[...]
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My first summer capsule wardrobe for 2018

Hey babe, it’s been a while since I’ve written about fashion and minimalism on my blog. The truth is I have been organizing my wardrobe for the last few months. Being a minimalist helps me to not buy clothing and accessories I don’t really[...]
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Couture la la by Juicy Couture

My closet is filled with fragrances I haven’t even opened yet. Many were gifts from my time at Sephora, so I’m pretty good in the fragrance department. That’s why I haven’t bought a perfume in years, because I already have so many. Altho[...]
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