A quick personal update

Hey doll, ready for a new week? I’m probably just waking up when this article goes life at 06.00 am. I’m going to follow to training sessions about communication on Monday, so I need to get up early. As I’m typing this on Sunday night I’m actually quite tired and I feel like I’m on the edge of a nasty flu or huge cold. I have trouble staying warm and I’m pretty much falling asleep as I type, haha! Therefor I’m not posting a very big article today, just a quick personal update.

As we’re approaching the end of the year, I’m working extra hard on tying op lose ends. I’m working on getting new clients for my agency and more blog visitors. My Youtube channel is finally growing again and I’m so proud! I can honestly say I’m finally doing everything I really like. I’m doing everything I’m good at and that’s worth being proud off. I’d say I’m doing pretty good for someone that never knew what I was good at or wanted to be in live. I’m basically killing it compared to my younger self.

I’m not done yet though! I have much more to learn, more to gain, more money to make and more fun to have. But I at least feel like I’ve found my mojo and that’s always a good thing. What is also a good thing is a band I’ve discovered called The Internet. If you like mellow songs, buttery soft voices and some smooth R&B, you need this music in your life. My favorite two songs are Girl and Come over. I accidentally discovered this band this week and I’ve been hooked ever since! Oh, you should also give Low by Lenny Kravitz a listen.

Talking about music, I’ve finally received my Limited Edition Akai MKP mini in white. This is a keyboard some producers use to make music. I’ve ordered one a while ago because I want to get back into making music myself. I used to be the singer/songwriter for about four bands, until everyone got married with kids. So yeah, I was left to sing by myself and that was really boring. And since I’m not that good at playing instruments, I’m just going to learn how to make beats. Yep, I’m just going to make music by myself. A one-woman band, boom!

I guess I just want to tell you I’m really pursuing everything that makes me happy. I hope that reading this article helps you with starting to do the same. Maybe you’re into music too or maybe you want to start your own business. The new year is around the corner, why not jump into your dreams right now!? You have nothing to lose, you only have fun and pride to gain. So yeah, this is what I’ve been up to. Can’t wait to let you hear my own beats, haha! I’m going to need a lot of practice first, so bear with me.

Well, it’s time for me to wrap up this quick personal update. Time to snooze and wake-up fresh and ready to roll! Enjoy your day and I’ll see you Wednesday with a new article.



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