I got too fat, so I lost 0,5 kg in a week

Oh my lord, it’s Sunday and I’m finally able to publish my vlog. I’ve been super tired this week and everything just seemed to go slower and slower. But here it is, my new vlog in which I tell you how I got too fat. I’m also telling you about starting strict Keto again and losing 0,5 kg in a week, which is very nice! I have to be honest though, it took me a few months to get back into the groove. Now that I’m finally there, I can’t wait to share my new journey with you.

got too fatPIN IT!

That’s why I’m talking about my new game plan in my new vlog. My main goal is to get back to 60 kg, but I really want to hit the 58 kg within a few months. I want to give myself about two kilo’s or wiggle room and I’ll be able to that at 58 kg. Which is also the weight I want to be at for the rest of my life, because it suits me best. If you also got a bit too ‘fluffy’ or you just want to get a healthy kickstart, this vlog video is for you. I hope you like my realistic weight loss approach and don’t forget to give me an update on your journey.

Let’s get healthy!


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