My new goal: Creating the best version of myself

Hey dolls, I hope you are ready for this new year. I have to say that it feels like this is finally going to be my year. I should say I am going to make it my year. Because there is a lot I can control myself, such as my mindset and the way I go about in life. I have given my new goals a lot of thought and I’m ready to reveal them. They’re not simple as in: I want to buy a house or go on a trip. No, my goals for 2018 are focused on my own development as a human being.

new goalPIN IT!

I feel like I’m finally becoming who I already was. My true self was just buried under layers and layers of things that aren’t me. That’s why I changed my blog, my Youtube video’s, my house and my way of working. I want to be myself more than ever before, because it simply feels the best. I also have some business and life related goals, on which I will also have something to say. So join me in this new year and let’s create the best version of ourselves.

After all, being the best version of yourself is all that matters. When there is no one left, there is only you. And what if you don’t like yourself or who you are? Well, then you’re pretty much screwed, haha! Thank the lord we can take the time to become ourselves. And let me tell you, I am definitely taking that time. It’s my life and I am ready to run it like I want to. Sounds serious, doesn’t it? It is, but I can do it while having fun.

I’m going the create the best version of myself while having a blast! Will you join me?


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