Vlog 127: I lost 0,5 kg in a week and a life update

You guys are the sweetest! I received some messages from people asking me if I’m okay. Yes, I am. I just needed a little break from my blog and Youtube. That’s why I haven’t been uploading new videos for two weeks. I’m unfortunately still a little overworked and I didn’t feel like filming anything. I also have a pretty bad case of hay fever and all of the symptoms that come along with that. I had eczema in the strangest places on my body and therefor did not go to the gym. I will tell you all about it in my new vlog, because I also still managed to lose 0,5 kg in a week.

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I could have lost a bit more weight, but my body had other plans, haha! It feels good to talk about it in my new vlog. I hope this video will help you if you’ve been experiencing the same things I have. Meaning, I want so many things at the same time, but I can’t keep up. I tend to work even harder to get everything done, which basically makes me feel even more overworked than I already felt. You know I like being honest and real about these things. So let me tell you all about it in my new vlog and give you some weight loss inspiration at the same time!

Enjoy the video, Kaya-Quintana

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