Vlog #128: Getting back into ketosis (meals) + New meds!

Oh hello, are you ready for a new vlog? I know I am, because I have lots to tell you. First of all, I’m slowly starting to get back into the vlogging game. I’m taking my time so I won’t have to feel overworked again. I also got new hay fever meds and something for my dandruff problem. I’m telling you all about it at the end of my vlog. Because this video is mostly about getting back into ketosis. I’m also hitting the gym again and it feels really, really good. I’m back to three workouts a week and it’s going better than I expected.

into ketosisPIN IT!

About a month ago I couldn’t get much done in the gym. I basically moved super slow and I would get tired within fifteen minutes. I’m not on top yet, but it’s getting better. This week was my first week with three workouts again. I haven’t been going all out because I don’t want to burnout again, haha! I’ve been working out granny style, which also helps me getting back into ketosis. Getting back into ketosis has been taking up a lot of my energy, that’s why I’ve been taking it slow. My meals were on point though, check it out in my vlog!

Enjoy the video,


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