Cook with me, making Miso Soup

Are you ready to cook with me? Great, because we’re making Miso soup today. I thought it would be fun to make a different kind of What I eat in a day video. And here we are, it’s a cooking video! I personally love watching videos like this, especially on a lazy Sunday. It’s good for motivation and inspiration. I also just want to chat with you a bit more, it makes my videos more fun to make. My usual What I eat in a day videos are very stylized and focused on calories and carbs. There’s nothing wrong with that, but changing it up a bit is always good.

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In this Cook with me video I’m making Miso soup from scratch. And boy, oh boy… It was quite the adventure, haha! I’ve never made Miso soup before and I’ve never even eaten it before either. But it seemed so great when I looked it up and my sister said it’s really good too. Therefor I thought it was a really good dish for my first Cook with me video. I hope you’re ready for some kitchen realness, because I’ve got a lot of that in this video. So go ahead and watch this new video. And let me know if you like this cooking show type of video, so I can make more!

Before I forget, these are the ingredients for the Miso soup I made. For the Dashi, which is the stock:

– 1,5 liters of water.
– Kumbo, dried kelp of which I used one sheet.
– 25 grams of dried Bonito flakes. Which are fish flakes, so leave this out for a vegan version.

For the filling, which you can change up if you like:

– Miso (medium), about one big tablespoon.
– Bok choy.
– Spring onions.
– Mushrooms.
– Ramen Noodles.
– I added some Soy sauce and Himalayan salt to alter the taste.

Ready, steady, cook!


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