Spring 2019 fashion haul

Yeah, it’s time for a new fashion haul for spring! I’ve been buying a few things here and there since January. And I recently bought a cute backpack and some more clothes. Therefor this fashion haul video is long overdue, haha! I’m also figuring out my new capsule wardrobe theme and you can already see it develop in this video. As you’ll be able to see in my fashion haul, I’ve been concentrating on blue and lilac. I love those colors and I would love to wear them more.

fashion haulPIN IT!

Even though I love the theme I’ve picked, I’m not sure about everything I bought. Therefor you will see me try on all the items, so you can help me out! I love hearing your opinion and what you think of the items I bought. Should I keep or toss them? Either way, I hope you enjoy this new fashion haul video. I personally really love these videos because they give me some very needed style inspiration. Also, being a minimalist means I don’t shop much. Which also means I often don’t even know what’s on trend, oops!

So help me out and watch the video,


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