Nail Salon Talk: Why I Have No Friends, MadMess 2018

Why I have no friends at the moment and why I need new ones? Let’s talk about it in this new episode of MadMess. Since this series is all about not being in the mood for Christmas or the holidays in general, this is one reason you might feel the same. Many people are lonely or feel very lonely during the holidays. Although I’m blessed with an amazing family, I do often miss having friends that are just like me.

Why I Have No FriendsPIN IT!

I want to open up the conversation and be honest about why I don’t have friends right now. Don’t worry, you don’t have to feel sorry for me. I’m doing fine and that’s also because I don’t have friends. I’ll explain everything in the video and maybe you’ll recognize a few things here and there. I hope this video makes you feel less lonely and motivated to get yourself friends that match your personality.

Why I have no friends? Find out in this new MadMess video, enjoy!


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