Summer body challenge #2: Booty building workout and mental struggles

This week was pretty tough and I can’t wait to start a new week. First of all, I wasn’t Keto the entire week and therefor I did not lose as much weight as I wanted for this Summer Body Challenge week. Also, the letters t and s on my keyboard don’t work and writing this article was really hard to do. This whole week just really didn’t go as planned and I’m more than ready for the new week to start. Mostly because I like starting my new goals on Mondays, that just works really well for me. I also hope that I’ll have less mental struggles due to eczema and allergies, because that really got to me this week.

summer body challengePIN IT!

I did work out three times this week and it went really well. I love getting back in the routine and I did some new exercises too. I have been working on my core and lifting without the Smith machine. I’m surprised that I’m much better at squatting without the Smith machine than I thought. I’m also better at planking so I hope I can get that muscle definition around my abs a little faster than planned. I hope you’re up for a new Summer Body Challenge episode, because I’ve included a nice booty workout for you.

Let’s build a booty,


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