Where have I been?

Where have I been for the last two weeks? Well, I was in my bed being sick or I was at work being sick. Yes, I have been sick a lot this last month. First I had a hamburger that turned out to be bad, which gave me a horrible stomachache for about a week. Then I started feeling better again, but then I got an infection in my sinuses. I get an infection like that every year, but it’s really bad this time. I even lost my voice for a few days and that was very annoying. Not being able to speak prevents you from doing the simplest things, like calling the doctor myself.

I had to ask my mom to do it and she also came with me to the appointment, because I couldn’t speak. I got antibiotics for about a week and I’m done when this article pops op on Monday. I feel better due to the antibiotics because my voice is back. It’s still a little raspy as I’m typing this and everything smells weird. I also feel a little out of breath, but that goes with having hay fever too. I guess you can say my health hasn’t been on point. And I think I did the right thing by taking a little break from blogging and vlogging.

It all takes up a lot of my time, which I don’t mind because I love doing it. But it didn’t feel right to push myself over the edge and film a vlog without being able to talk much. Neither did I feel like staying up late to finish an article for my blog. Nope, I think I finally get what adults do when they’re sick: Hangout in bed and actually get better. I never used to do that. I never really took the time to get the illness out, which made it stick around a little longer than I’d like. So, I’m pretty proud of myself for taking some real rest, even if that means less content.

where have i beenPIN IT!

I am not very proud of how I’ve been eating lately. It wasn’t very Keto at all and I kept slacking on cooking for myself. I decided to roll with the punches and just take it easy. I got myself some take-out food a couple of times and had dinner at my parents. I really, really took my time to get better and not stress about my way of eating. And I gotta tell yah, that was great! I didn’t even gain that much weight in these last two weeks, but I didn’t lose much either. That’s why I started Keto again last Friday.

I’m still not well yet while I’m typing this. Where have I been? Well, not in the gym lately and I’m not going to yet, because that most definitely would push me over the edge. What I can do is watch my food intake and get back into the right mindset. My mindset has been a little too relaxed when it comes to snacks and sweets. I want to get back into my Keto streak which was going so well before January. Well, that’s my update for now. If you are sick too, take your time and rest. We will meet each other again when we’re better and then we will kick some butt together!

Stay well, stay cool,


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