Summer Body Challenge 9: Only one workout

Yes, here we are again. Another Summer Body Challenge episode has arrived my friends. I hope you like this one. It was fun to film my week except for the last few days. I have been struggling with hay fever, eczema and allergies. It’s physically very tiring and I find it hard to focus on things. That’s mostly because I don’t sleep much and the antihistamines I am taking for hay fever and allergies are slowing me down.

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So living a healthy lifestyle also means listening to my body, which I did for once. I only went to the gym once this week and gosh, it feels super weird. I felt guilty at first but pushing myself over my limits is a bad idea. So I stuck with that one workout which I filmed. It was a pretty good full body workout. I hope it will give you some ideas for your own workout. So go ahead and check it out in my new Summer Body Challenge episode!


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