I have my Macbook back

It’s 07.45 am on a Saturday and ‘m already blogging. I have a lot to tell you now that I have my Macbook back. If you follow me on Instagram you already know I broke the screen of my Macbook about a week and a half ago. I had to send it away for a much-needed repair and I was able to pick it up yesterday. How I’ve missed my Macbook, blogging and doing all the work I usually do on my trusted laptop. I also just realized why a laptop is called a LAPtop. Because it sits on your lap… Duh!? Yes, well… Good morning to me too, haha!

Let’s start off with being overworked. It’s something I’ve been experiencing since December last year. Since then I’ve been going through a period where all I want to do is nothing, absolutely nothing. I just want to read my favorite blogs, watch cool Netflix shows and sleep in my amazing bed. And you know what, I did all of those things after coming home from work and it was totally awesome! I usually push myself to do even more work or going to the gym some more. This time (since December) I really listened to what my brain and body needed.

I should say what I still need. Because missing my laptop for a week taught me something. I have a lot of work to keep up with. I have my marketing and pr agency called Bloggers and Brands and I run Build my Business for business coaching, two things I do because they bring me joy. Then I have my blog which you are reading right now, and I just got back into school to finish my bachelor in social work. Let’s not forget about friends and family during the weekend. Yup, it’s a lot and imagine me with a boyfriend. I’d go nuts if I had one, haha!

my macbook backPIN IT!

Although, I wouldn’t say no to a handsome man in my life, haha! As you can see I have a lot on my plate and not having to blog for a week gave me some room to breathe. It gave me some time to think and to prioritize myself. I did nothing but working out when I felt like it. I ate tasty things and watched a lot of Netlfix series. Now that I have my Macbook back I immediately feel a little overwhelmed again and I don’t want to feel like that. So that’s why I’m planning on relaxing more and working less.

Which means that I might not write a new blog article every day. I might not make two video’s every week and I might just be hanging out in my bed, getting rid of that overworked feeling. More and more I’ve come to realize that all of these things I love to do, are taking up a lot of time, all of the time. In order to keep it all fun for myself I just need to relax a little more and work less. I’ll slowly be adding more articles to my blog again, so stay tuned! I’ll never stop blogging because I love it so much, but I will be more relaxed about it and everything else.

Have you ever felt overworked too and what did you do about it? Let me know, because I certainly haven’t figured it out yet.


P.S. Never give up that what makes you so happy!


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