Maybelline and Gigi Hadid lip liner review

Call me crazy, but I don’t care about it-girls like Gigi Hadid. I don’t follow her simply because she doesn’t inspire me like my idols do. I do have to say she released a really good lip liner which she created with Maybelline. The Gigi Hadid makeup collection by Maybelline features some really good matte lip liners. I got my hands on three of the six colors. I was surprised because it’s quite hard to find nude lip liners to match my pale skin with a yellow undertone. But the Gigi Hadid lip liner comes in beautiful colors perfect for my skintone. Check out my review for all the details, because these lip liners are awesome!

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Product: Gigi Hadid lip liner

Brand: Maybelline

Rating: 9

Promises: ‘Create instant definition for fully accentuated lips,’ as claimed by Maybelline.

Price: €8,49 at or Etos

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The packing is really nice because it’s sturdy and retractable. I like retractable lip liners because it means I don’t have to sharpen them all the time. But you can still sharpen the Gigi Hadid lip liner because it has a sharpener at the back. Just pull of the colored cap to reveal the sharpener. Let’s talk colors, because I really like the three colors I bought. I got myself Taura, Mccal and Erin. Taura has a really deep red undertone and it looks a lot like Soar by MAC. Taura and Mccal are very nude with some brown and beige undertones.

The formula is really, really good. Dare I say I prefer this formula over my more expensive lip liners? Well, yes! It’s creamy, very pigmented and easy to work with. The lip liners just glide over your skin and you don’t have to apply much pressure. I can easily wear the Gigi Hadid lip liner all day without my lips drying out. It also provides a very good base underneath lipstick and lipgloss. They stay on about six to eight hours if you don’t eat something greasy.

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You do have to be careful when you twist the lip liner up. The soft and creamy texture makes the pencil itself very delicate and one of my lip liners broke really fast. Such a shame because you can’t really use the broken of piece anymore. I tried to mend the two pieces together, but it just ended up being a total mess. This is the only downside I could find about the Gigi Hadid lip liners by Maybelline.

The verdict

I have to say that these lip liners are amazing for a really good price. I would definitely buy them again if they put out more of the same and other colors. I think they are just as good, if not better than my MAC lip liners. If you are looking for affordable lip liners in the nude range, these could be a really good option. I actually hope they keep the Gigi Hadid lip liner in stores for a long time, because I’m in the market for more. My super dry lips love the formula and I have gotten many compliments about the colors I wear. Yes, these lip liners are awesome!


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