Keto grocery list for Keto meals

Hello babes, welcome back to another episode of The Healthy Life. I have to say, I love making videos for this series. It’s so much fun for me to really dive into my way of living and improving it as I go. So here is my new Keto grocery list for Keto meals. I’ve had a hard time staying in Ketosis for the last month, so I really needed to step up my game. It was hard mostly because of my period. I actually felt very sick because of that and it made eating Keto very difficult.

keto grocery listPIN IT!

I do feel so much better now and I am between 20 and 50 grams of carbs per day at the moment. I actually always am when I’m on Keto, although I sometimes manage to stay under 20 grams a day. This new Keto grocery list is a little more adventurous than my quick Keto grocery list. I like trying new things and mixing up my lunches and dinners. Breakfast is an easy one for me, but at night I do want to try something different once in a while. So I hope this new video helps you out with getting your own Keto approved groceries.

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