Sock boots and a pencil skirt

Sock boots, they’ve been dominating the fashion scene for a while now. They’re not new, I used to wear them as a teenager too. Thankfully brands have updated the designs and they look even better today. I do have to say I was on the fence about buying a pair of my own. But I had to throw away a couple of ankle boots that weren’t wearable anymore. Which means I have a good reason to buy new boots, haha! I decided to buy the Century sock boots by Steve Madden in black.

I was a bit scared that they wouldn’t fit nicely around my feet, but they look absolutely amazing if you ask me. I like that they have a really snug fit which makes them easy to wear under jeans too. I decided to wear these sock boots with a pencil skirt by Zara. This pencil skirt is super old, I’ve had it for at least three years now. I’ve been waiting to style it a bit more casual and the lilac H&M sweater really does the trick. Especially because both clothing items have different patterns and structures.

I love how the lilac catches your eye even more when you style it on a light grey color. I personally really, really love the look of this combination. I decided to wear the Steve Madden sock boots to give the entire outfit a different vibe. Usually I’d wear black pumps underneath an outfit like this, but I feel like the sock boots are bit more up to date. It also looks so much cooler and fresh! I like how playing with something simple like new boots can make you feel like a different person.

The sock boots are also quite high heeled, and they feel sturdy around my feet. It makes me want to buy the red version too, because these boots would look awesome in that color too. I do have to think about it some more, because I want to keep up with my capsule wardrobe. So I have been adding new items to my wardrobe, but only when I’ve thrown something old out. But to be honest, you do sometimes have to treat yourself regardless. I mean, fashion should still be fun right!?

Would you wear this outfit too?


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