Vlog #132: New office decor and a party

Last week was very busy, but also very fulfilling. My team and I organized an amazing press event at my agency Bloggers and Brands. I can honestly say we had the best press in the house and we had a great time. This is what I live for! I also had to buy a lot of stuff for the event. Which meant I could go shopping at different stores and Ikea. I finally bought a lunch table and some extra chairs, so we can sit and relax during our breaks.

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I also went in for a workout and I really pushed my own limits. After being so sick all the time, I noticed my body lost the workout rhythm. It was harder than usual to keep up with my basic schedule. That’s why I focused on the easier exercises for my back and shoulders. Well, I can’t wait to show you my week because it was very rewarding. I hope this vlog inspires you to, however cheesy it may sound: Follow your heart and create the life you want!

Enjoy the vlog,


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