What I eat in a day, Keto and low carb

As promised, a new What I eat in a day video! This one is filled with Keto and low carb meals. They are all easy to make and they’re pretty much doable for everyone. Keep in mind that my diet will always be a bit different than most people’s due to food allergies. But other than that I manage to eat pretty healthy and delicious foods. I truly hope this video gives you some motivation and inspiration to get your own healthy meals going.

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I included all my calories, macros and of course carbs in this video. This will make it easy for you to understand what I eat and how many macronutrients I get. Yes, I know that Keto has an original limit to 20 grams carbs per day. But as I explained in this video I eat Keto style. So whenever I go over my 20 grams of carb limit per day, I do not stress or freak out. A healthy lifestyle is more important to me than hitting my macro’s every day.

Keep food fun and enjoy my What I eat in a day video,


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