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You might have noticed that I’ve been wearing more jewelry. That’s because I’ve finally found some really nice pieces that I want to share with you. All of these items are from minimalistic jewelry brands I love. Most of them didn’t start of as a minimalistic brand, but they have some really nice items in their collections now. I personally always loved dainty and minimalistic jewelry. I tend to feel a bit overwhelmed by bigger pieces. Most brands sell mainly bigger and eye-catching jewelry, which is not my thing. That’s why I’m extra happy with the brands I’ve discovered, so let’s go!


A Dutch brand I recently discovered when I was looking for a helix piercing. I saw their jewelry at the Bijenkorf and I immediately fell in love. They have many earrings and different sizes, which makes it really easy to shop. They also have necklaces, bracelets, rings and charms. Most items are made of silver or they’re gold plated. As you can tell by their collection it’s all quite minimalistic with an ethnic touch. I personally love that because it gives the items that bohemian twist I was looking for.

I now own about five pairs of earrings and one necklace by this brand. I bought most of it during their summer sale. The jewelry pieces arrive in cute little pouches, so you can store the items dust free. This brand is a bit more high-end and the prices vary from €10 to €84 at the moment. I personally recommend the earrings and the necklaces. They have awesome designs and they are very different compared to what you’d normally find in stores. I will definitely buy some more of this brand in the future.


This brand has been around for a while now and I like how they’ve evolved. Baublebar is a bit more affordable and they sell many styles. They now have a fine jewelry line which is filled with dainty and minimalistic jewelry. I personally think that Baublebar is on trend without being tacky. The designs are quite unique, and they play around with shapes and lines a lot. They also sell some items with bling if that’s what you’re into. If you’re looking for minimalistic and dainty jewelry, this brand is definitely one to look at.


My awesome sister knows exactly what I like: Dainty necklaces with small pendants like the silver one I’m wearing in the pictures. She bought me this necklace for my birthday and I love it. I’ve always loved my name which starts with the letter K. For some reason I’ve been buying jewelry with my initial and this silver necklace is a good addition to my collection. Orelia has more cute jewelry items for minimal and dainty jewelry lovers. They often have theme like bohemian or mythical.

At the moment they have a lot of crescent moon items, love it! Most of their items are made of silver or they’re gold plated. Some items are decorated with colored stones or a bit of bling. The most expensive item is €50, which makes this brand pretty affordable. I think this minimalistic jewelry brand is the one-stop-shop for gifts for your friends. Not just because it’s affordable, but any woman could appreciate one or more items in their collection.

Les Cleias

A French brand with colorful designs, but they also have some good minimalist jewelry. Take your time to find good pieces in their collections. I found some really nice minimalistic bracelets by this brand. One of my favorite necklaces by this brand has a mini gun, love it! It’s bit edgy, but still cute since this necklace is super fine. If you’d like to go for the more dainty and minimalistic items, definitely check out their bracelets and necklaces. I think you’ll find a few items you like.

Their items are very affordable too. Their more colorful items could also be good for teens or women who love a bit more color. Most items are around €24 per piece. The quality isn’t super good, so you do have to be careful with your chosen items. My bracelet has broken a few times after it got caught up in my sweater. Thankfully I was able to put it back together, but it’s good to know being careful is necessary. It’s been a while since I’ve bought something from this brand because of the quality. I still mention this brand in this article, because I wanted to give you another option just in case.

I hope you like these minimalistic jewelry brands. I’m still looking for more options, so feel free to share your favorite jewelry brands.



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