Pilgrim zodiac necklace for a Leo

I have thing for the constellations. I already know how to find the small and big bear. And I’m trying to learn where to find the rest. The sky at night is just so interesting to me and it always calms me down. I love that we can always find our way back, just by looking at those beautiful stars. That’s why I’ve been wanting my star sign in some type of jewelry piece, so I can carry it with me. I was thrilled to find the Pilgrim zodiac necklace at Zalando. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and it was quite affordable. So let me tell you all about it.

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As you can tell by the pictures, the pendant is quite small and dainty. It’s also very similar to the Fendi ID pendant I love so much. That really is my favorite necklace and I guess that’s the kind of necklace that keeps grabbing my attention. This Pilgrim zodiac necklace is also gold with a very simple round pendant. Although this one is engraved with the Leo star sign and a few crystals. It’s quite small as you can tell, but I like the size of the pendant and necklace. For me, it’s always in the small details. I’m not a fan of heavy or chunky jewelry.

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I got the Pilgrim zodiac necklace at Zalando for €29,95. It’s not too pricey, so I expect to wear it for about a year before it starts getting ugly. After that I think I’ll get one by Vedder en Vedder, a high-end Dutch jewelry brand my colleague told me about. They also have zodiac pendants which are a little bigger, better and more expensive. If I had known about this brand before, I would have gone for their version over the Pilgrim one. Mostly because I want to invest in pieces I can wear for years to come.

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If you are looking for a zodiac necklace too, you can definitely check this one out by Pilgrim. It’s a Danish brand with a lot of cool jewelry pieces. My Pilgrim zodiac necklace is gold plated, but you can also get a silver one if you like. They also have many other cool designs and they’re a bit between minimalistic and trendy. They sell a lot of affordable pieces which still look pretty high-end, if you ask me. I’m ready to rock my zodiac necklace and I’m curious if you like this type of jewelry too.

To zodiac or not to zodiac?


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