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I can’t remember when I bought my last pair of sneakers. It’s been too long and the sneakers I have at the moment are in bad shape. That’s why I’m collaborating** with for this article. As a sneaker noob I have absolutely no idea what’s on the market right now and what’s cool. I only wear sneakers to the gym and I rarely wear them outside as part of my outfits. For me, sneakers need to look cute on my feet and they need to provide enough support. helped me out by advising me to try the classic Adidas Superstar sneakers.

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Adidas is one of my favorite brands. My first pair of running shoes were from Adidas and they are still amazing! It makes sense for me to look into the Adidas Superstar sneakers. These sneakers became popular on the basketball courts in the seventies and never went out of style. Adidas kept developing the Adidas Superstar model and they have some really cool versions out now. They’ve always kept the three stripes and the round nose, that’s what makes this sneaker model so iconic. And I do not say no to iconic shoes, haha!

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You can find all the Adidas Superstar sneaker models at This website curates the best sneakers, stores and deals. You can see exactly where to find your favorite pair of sneakers and where you can get the best deal. I found about eight pages filled with different versions of the Adidas Superstar sneaker from different stores. makes it really easy to see what sizes are still available. Just click on the sneaker you want to see if your size is in stock.

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Then all you have to do is pick the sneaker deal you like and click on the webshop button to purchase your own pair. This will save you a lot of time, because you can find all your options on one website. This takes online shopping to another level! I personally think I would like to try an all-white pair of the Adidas Superstars. I like really simple sneakers without too much hoopla. I also like how fresh a white pair of sneakers can look. It looks really effortlessly, especially under a cool casual outfit.

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If you’re looking for a nice pair of sneakers too, definitely check out You can find all the sneaker brands you like on that website. They also curated a lot of sneakers for sports like fitness, tennis, running and soccer. You can select sneakers for women, men and kids. Just select your favorite options and start shopping. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of this website and which pair of sneakers you ended up buying.

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