Summer Body Challenge #11: Shaping my body

Oh boy, this week was nuts! I am currently writing this at 23.28 pm. That’s how long my days can be, but I did manage to put my new Summer Body Challenge episode up. It’s all about shaping my body now that I have the weight loss under control. Keto has been so good for me and it comes easy to me. It feels like a second nature to eat low carb and more healthy fats. The only thing I didn’t prepare for was my body changing.

shaping my bodyPIN IT!

Now, I know that sounds weird. I mean, I knew I was going to be thinner but I guess that I got used to being heavier. I still have curves but my body is looking more athletic every day. I didn’t think I would have to get used to that, but I do. It also makes me want to shape up even more, so working out and shaping my body is very important. So I will show you a bunch of exercises I have been doing to shape and sculpt my body. Come get some inspiration for your own workouts.

Hope it helps,


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