Summer Body Challenge: Back on track with good results

Hey dolls, how are you guys doing? I have been getting my life in order and I’m currently working from home. I posted my new Summer Body Challenge episode on Youtube last Sunday, but I didn’t put it up on my blog until today. I was having a really good weekend for myself. I decided to edit my video and then relax because I really needed it. I have been doing pretty well with my way of eating. Keto and intermittent fasting are such a good combo for me. I lost about a kilo of water weight last week!

summer body challengePIN IT!

I am however steady with my weight at the moment due to my period. I have been enjoying some snacks to get rid of the cravings during the weekend. It was glorious, haha! I want to take you through my last results, because I’m really happy with those. Being on strict Keto really helps me with eating healthy and my sweet cravings disappear quickly. Being less stressed also helps a lot, haha! So I hope you enjoy my quick update and I hope you are doing good too. Please let me know in the comments and let’s kick some ass this week too!



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